World Sailing hosted their Annual Conference in Sarasota ©World Sailing

World Sailing has put forward a mixed two person keelboat offshore event for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The discipline will replace the mixed one person dinghy event which had previously been agreed upon.

It follows a decision made by delegates at World Sailing's Annual Conference in Sarasota in Florida.

The original idea was to have a mixed event where a man and a woman from each country would sail in separate one-person boats, before having their scores added together at the end to determine a winner.

This was agreed at World Sailing's mid-year meetings but regulations allow for both events and equipment to be amended if 75 per cent of Council members vote in favour of making the change.

Marseille will host the Paris 2024 sailing regatta ©Getty Images
Marseille will host the Paris 2024 sailing regatta ©Getty Images

After lengthy debate, 31 Council members voted in favour of voting on the potential change, with eight against and two abstentions.

Twenty-nine then voted in support of the mixed two person keelboat offshore, with nine against and two abstaining.

This satisfied the 75 per cent criteria but the change will still need to be ratified at World Sailing's Annual General Meeting.

The mixed one person dinghy format is not sailed elsewhere in the sport and reportedly received significant opposition.

The sailing regatta at Paris 2024 will take place more than 750 kilometres to the south of the French capital in Marseille.