A Sailing World Cup series event officially marked the start of Tokyo 2020's test event schedule ©Getty Images

Tokyo 2020 have revealed the first competitions of their test event schedule in the build-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Organisers said that a total of 50 test events will be held as they hone preparations for the Games.

Several of the events will be scheduled international competitions which were already due to take place in Japan, while others will have been organised as dedicated Tokyo 2020 test events.

"Test plans for each sport have been drawn up and reviewed in close collaboration with the respective International Federations based on a needs assessment conducted for each sport," Tokyo 2020 said.

"The test event schedule has also benefited from Olympic Agenda 2020's the New Norm, which allowed an optimised programme to be created following the creation of new principles for test events management.

"The test events themselves will be operated using actual equipment, facilities and venues that will be deployed at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

"In addition, each functional area of Tokyo 2020 will test the technical operation of events focusing on three aspects: the field of play, technology and staff.

"The experience gained will be shared as part of the organisation-wide learning pathway."

A Sailing World Cup Series event in Enoshima, which took place in September, served as the sport's test competition.

Tokyo 2020 said the event was fully supported by World Sailing, who had previously been critical of their sport's preparations for the Games, in collaboration with the local Organising Committee.

A second, specific, sailing test event is currently scheduled to take place in August next year.

Ajinomoto Stadium will host the UIPM World Cup final next year in preparation for the Games ©Getty Images
Ajinomoto Stadium will host the UIPM World Cup final next year in preparation for the Games ©Getty Images

The next test event on the schedule will be a water polo competition at the Tatsumi International Swimming Centre, which will begin on Friday (October 5).

The remainder of the test event calendar will be implemented in three waves, according to organisers.

The first wave will be focused on outdoor sports being held between June and September 2019.

The Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final will begin this wave, with the competition set to be held at the Ajinomoto Stadium and Musashino Forest Sport Plaza from June 27 to 30.

A second series of test events will be held from October 2019 to February 2020.

Tokyo 2020 said the final wave of events will be held between March and May 2020.

This wave will primarily focus on the confirmation of communication and reporting lines, organisers claim.

Tokyo 2020 hope the test events will provide their management and operations staff with hands-on experience of running events, which will help them work with delivery partners to ensure the smooth operation of the Games.

They also hope the events will help with the engagement of the Japanese public as the Games draw closer.

"The test events will give organisers and the Japanese public the opportunity to experience sport in the Olympic venues and in some cases for the first time," Tokyo 2020 said.

"In addition to allowing Tokyo 2020 to get operational experience, some events will also let the Japanese public get a glimpse of the world's best athletes in those disciplines, including potential Olympic and Paralympic Games competitors.

"This will be an exciting chance for those thinking of coming to the Games to discover new sports and new heroes."

The current test event programme can be viewed here