Macejko has been selected as the name of the mascot ©IIHF

The bear mascot for the 2019 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Men's World Championship in Slovakia has been named Macejko.

Fans voting on the tournament's Facebook page have picked the name for the character, who wears a traditional shepherd's hat and belt.

Macejko received 7,169 votes in all to win the poll over alternative suggestion Juro.

"We're delighted that together we chose the best name for our beloved hockey bear," said Organising Committee chairman Igor Nemecek. 

"Best of all, the naming was decided by the most qualified people - the fans."

The mascot's body posture is said to feature poses from Slovak folklore dances which supports his national character.

Matej Drinka first suggested the winning name and will be rewarded with a gift pack.

"Although Macejko and Juro were the most popular suggestions, we got more than 1,200 other names submitted to us through a variety of social networks, including Facebook and Instagram," added the World Championship head of communication Michaela Grendelova. 

Slovakia will host the flagship tournament next year ©Getty Images
Slovakia will host the flagship tournament next year ©Getty Images

"After the first round of voting, we narrowed that list down for a final vote. 

"A big thank you to everyone involved."

The design of the mascot was claimed to have taken several months, with the bear chosen from three proposals.

"We have the look, name, and design, so now we can work on the final stage - the actual creation of the official mascot," said head of marketing Vladimir Jancek. 

"We intend to give Macejko his first public appearance before the start of the World Championship in places where games will not be played, so that fans not going to games, especially kids, can meet him.

"And of course, Macejko the Bear will be sold in the official championship fan shops so that fans can take him home with them."

Competition will take place from May 10 to 26 in Bratislava and Košice next year.

Sweden will seek their third consecutive World Championship title.