Australian Taekwondo are to offer autism awareness training ©Australian Taekwondo

Australian Taekwondo is to work with Autism Victoria (AMAZE) to help provide awareness training for instructors and members.

Initial sessions will take place in Melbourne with the aim of helping taekwondo players with autism.

The governing body has highlighted athlete Prue Stevenson - a taekwondo player with autism who works with AMAZE as a consultant.

Her love for the sport has seen her create a piece of artwork called "Expend".

To make the piece Stevenson dipped her feet in paint and then delivered thousands of taekwondo kicks onto a canvas mounted on a gallery wall.

"Taekwondo helps you regulate your emotions, and lets you get energy out through kicking the bags and screaming," she said.

An Australian Taekwondo statement added: "In a taekwondo setting its important to integrate people with autism into the main classes as well as other participants with disability. 

"This approach is called mainstreaming and is important in making activities of life more inclusive and rich for everyone involved.

"Inclusion is a major focus of Australian Taekwondo moving forward. 

"In the next few months Australia Taekwondo will be partnering with AMAZE to provide autism awareness training for instructors and members with initial training in Melbourne."