A #UnitedByTheFlame" promotional strategy is being rolled out by Buenos Aires 2018 ©Buenos Aires 2018

A #UnitedByTheFlame campaign inviting social media users to carry their own digital flame has been launched by the Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee.

The initiative will supplement the 60-day Torch Relay which starts tomorrow in Argentina.

It is hoped this will allow the Relay to embrace a wider audience and "raise awareness in the spirit of hope, solidarity and peace represented by the sacred flame."

Social media users will be able to share their stories on Instagram using the hashtag #UnitedByTheFlame, with a gif bearing the Youth Olympic flame logo designed by organisers. 

They will also be invited to write a message for the image that relates to the supposed Olympic "values".

The customised image, a gif available as the "Youth Olympic Flame", can be downloaded to be published on other social networks. 

The Buenos Aires Tour will cover 14,000 kilometres and stop at 17 different cities.

A group of Relay runners will carry the Torch at each leg, whose life stories are reflected in the Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence.