Michael Grünberger has been unveiled as skeleton delegate for the IBSF ©IBSF

Switzerland's Jos Mattli and Austria's Michael Grünberger have each been appointed special delegates responsible for different disciplines by the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF).

Mattli will be responsible for bobsleigh events while Grünberger will look after skeleton.

The IBSF said that the two appointments were made after "numerous applications were reviewed and analysed by the IBSF".

"The delegates will work closely with the coordinators of each series as well as the various IBSF committees," they added.

"Additionally, they will be responsible for the development of the Jury and Material Controllers. 

"Under the successful leadership and in close cooperation with our sports secretary Martin Kerbler they will report to the [IBSF] secretary general Heike Groesswang. 

"They will also be present at future Executive Committee Meetings to report on sport specific matters in coordination and cooperation with the vice-president of sports."

Jos Mattli will assume responsibility for bobsleigh ©Getty Images
Jos Mattli will assume responsibility for bobsleigh ©Getty Images

The announcement has been made shortly before the IBSF Congress in Rome on June 27 in which Italian incumbent Ivo Ferriani is set to lock horns with Switzerland's Fritz Burkard and Canada's Sarah Storey for the IBSF Presidency.

"Recent years have shown that the activities in the sports sector, i.e. in the bob and skeleton areas - actually the core areas of our Federation - have been growing steadily," said Ferriani.

"In consultation with our vice-president for sport, Darrin Steele, we have become aware of the necessity to appoint one expert for each of these areas. 

"These experts will deal in detail with the respective discipline. 

"With Jos Mattli, our experienced World Cup Coordinator, and Michael Grünberger, a former athlete and successful coach, we have now to staff members who combine the specific expertise with their passion for our sports. 

"Together with Martin Kerbler, our reliable, well experienced sports secretary, who is as passionate as they are, this new staff structure of our sports sector will further enhance the professionalism and efficiency of our Federation. 

"Together with the coordinators of the various series and our Sports and Material Committees they will contribute decisively to the future of our Federation. 

"We are looking forward to the cooperation.”