A new FINA e-learning platform has been launched ©FINA

A new online learning platform has been launched by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in a bid to bring the global aquatics community together to share the latest trends and techniques.

The online tool is due to be accessible on computers and mobile devices.

Its principle goal is to "provide a platform to all National Member Federations to educate coaches, officials, and administrators".

FINA is aiming to reach more than 10,000 users by the end of 2020. 

It will host the theoretical part of the FINA Coaches Certification Programme, as well as the update and annual exams for technical officials, and will continuously provide information and tips for coaches, officials, and sports medicine representatives.

Dates and locations of the courses, clinics and schools staged under FINA’s Development Programme will also be displayed.

Administrators have consequently enjoy access to training courses.

The Institute of Swimming in Great Britain is providing assistance in the new scheme ©FINA
The Institute of Swimming in Great Britain is providing assistance in the new scheme ©FINA

The system will also be able to create specific modules for different groups, follow the users’ progress, send them notifications and give them the necessary certification.

"One of the activities that will be directly linked to the FINA Learning Platform is the FINA Coaches Certification Programme," a statement explaining the new scheme explained.

"This initiative offers the possibility to the coaches of FINA disciplines to certify their level of skills, knowledge and competence. 

"Moreover, FINA aims at growing aquatics by offering a continuous learning pathway for coaches, providing and setting the necessary competences to complete their certification."

FINA has partnered with the Institute of Swimming in Great Britain to provide more expertise on the programmes.