More than 200 countries attended the Chef de Mission Seminars in Buenos Aires for this year's Summer Youth Olympic Games ©Buenos Aires 2018

Buenos Aires 2018 has held a Chef de Missions seminar for the representatives of more than 200 countries expected to compete in this year's Summer Youth Olympic Games.

The seminar consisted of two days of meetings with officials from Buenos Aires 2018 to share information about the biggest multisport and cultural activity in Argentina’s history.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) directors also participated in the seminar held in a hotel in downtown Buenos Aires.

Presenter expositions touched on wide variety of themes, including transport, logistics, food and beverages, ceremonies and the role and function of the Youth Olympic Village.

"The athletes are the heart of our Games," Gerardo Werthein, President of the Buenos Aires 2018 and an IOC member, said. 

"We are committed to delivering a unique celebration for them."

Buenos Aires 2018 President and IOC member Gerardo Werthein addressed the Chef de Missions Seminar ©Buenos Aires 2018
Buenos Aires 2018 President and IOC member Gerardo Werthein addressed the Chef de Missions Seminar ©Buenos Aires 2018

Werthein added: "In just a few months, almost 4,000 young athletes will make history competing in the first gender equality Games ever. 

"They will show us the path for a better world through the sports; the path only the Olympic Movement is capable of building."

More than 280 delegates from National Olympic Committees visited the Youth Olympic Centre construction site, which, when complete, will be the largest of the four Olympic Parks for the Games.

They also visited the Puerto Madero and Palermo neighbourhoods, the sites of two temporary Olympic parks, and Tecnopolis Park, the complex that will serve as the fourth stadium at Buenos Aires 2018.

"The link we build with the National Olympic Committees this week is going to be very important to fulfil our objective of celebrating a memorable Games," Laura Canals Cruz, director of National Olympic Committees Relations at Buenos Aires 2018, said. 

The seminar also marked the debut of the first group of Buenos Aires 2018 volunteers due to play a key role during the delegations’ visit to the South American city.