Denmark made a winning start in the men's event at the European C-Division Curling Championships in Copenhagen ©World Curling

Denmark, the host men’s team got off to a flying start in the European C-Division Curling Championships 2018 in Copenhagen today, winning both of their opening round robin matches.

But Belarus kept up with them in an event offering men’s and women’s winners and runners-up promotion to the B-Division scheduled to be held in Tallin in November as part of the European Championships.

In the women’s round robin at the Taarnby Curling Club, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia all ended the day with two wins out of two.

Denmark produced an opening flourish in the first of their two matches as they defeated Croatia 14-0 before earning a far tougher win against Bulgaria, 9-8.

The Bulgarian team had won their opener against Andorra 10-6.

Belarus beat Ireland 7-5 and then earned a 10-9 result against Romania.

Romania had begun with a 10-7 win over Belgium,

Denmark's men have made a strong start to the European C-Division Championships in Copenhagen ©Getty Images
Denmark's men have made a strong start to the European C-Division Championships in Copenhagen ©Getty Images

Ireland and Andorra are still to score - the Irish lost their second match 8-5 to Belgium, and Andorra were beaten 11-8 by Croatia.

The C-Division Championships, due to last until next Wednesday (April 18), is taking place at the Taarnby Curling Club that most recently hosted the 2016 World Junior Championships.

Croatia's women followed up a 5-0 win over Belarus with victory over Belgium, and Poland, 8-1 winners over France in the first match, maintained their record with a 6-4 win over Austria.

After beating Belgium in their first match, Slovenia secured a second maximum with a 7-4 scoreline over Belarus,and Slovakia added a 9-4 win over France to their opening 6-5 win over Austria.

The venue has previously hosted the World Senior Curling Championships in 2006 and 2012, and the World Junior-B Curling Championships in 2001, 2003 and 2004.

The C-Division was also previously held in Taarnby in 2011 and 2013.

Round-robin play will run until Sunday (April 15), after which the top-four teams on the women’s and men’s sides will progress to the play-offs.

On Monday (April 16) the top two teams - ranked one and two - will then play each other in the gold medal games, and third and fourth placed teams will also play each other.

The winners of the third-place games will then meet the respective losers in the gold medal match to see who gets the second qualifying place.