Annastacia Palaszczuk has released the speech she would have given at the Opening Ceremony ©Getty Images

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has reignited a row over protocol at tonight's Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games by publishing the speech she would have given had she been permitted to address the crowd.

Palaszcuk was keen to speak at the Ceremony but Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) rules prohibit the politicisation of the Games.

The CGF claimed they did not receive any formal request for a protocol change to allow the Premier to have a speaking role.

She will, therefore, not be able to address the crowd at either the Opening or Closing Ceremonies at Carrara Stadium.

Palaszcuk has instead chosen to release her prepared speech, which does not contain any political references.

She publicly admitted she was disappointed not to be able to "give every Queenslander a warm welcome" at the Opening Ceremony.

In response, Gold Coast 2018 chairman Peter Beattie said the Ceremony was "not about speeches".

"No-one will remember who gave the speeches or what they said," Beattie said here.

"The speeches are there as an appropriate courtesy and it is about the athletes who are front and centre."

The Opening Ceremony is due to be held at the Carrara Stadium ©Getty Images
The Opening Ceremony is due to be held at the Carrara Stadium ©Getty Images

The subject was addressed during a meeting between the CGF, Gold Coast 2018 and the Queensland Government.

It was also raised during the CGF's Executive Board meeting last week, where the organisation reaffirmed their protocol position and declined to grant the Premier's wish to speak at the Ceremony.

Queensland's Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones claimed they had "all moved on" following the meeting, despite Palaszczuk's choice to publish the speech she planned to give.

"She would have loved the opportunity, as the Queensland Premier and a major funder of the Commonwealth Games, to have given the speech but to be completely honest with you we are absolutely focused on supporting the thousands of artists that are going to be showcased tonight and also welcoming the athletes," said Jones.

Beattie, a former Queensland Premier, has insisted he offered to step aside to let Palaszczuk but this was turned down by the CGF under their established protocol regulations.

He will be among those to speak at the Ceremony, along with CGF President Louise Martin, while the Games will be officially opened by Prince Charles.

The policy was initiated by the CGF following comments made by then Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in the build-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Salmond was accused of Glasgow 2014 as a political tool to push the country's bid for independence from the rest of the United Kingdom prior to the event.