The International Day of University Sport is being celebrated in countries around the world ©FISU

Oleg Matytsin has called for people to remember the true meaning and value of sport on the International Day of University Sport.

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) President made the assertion as the annual day sees university sport marked worldwide.

FISU and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation worked together on the idea of holding the day two years ago.

It is hoped the event will encourage students to practice sports on or off campus.

Matytsin expressed his view that taking part in sport could help unite and educate young people, as well as offering the opportunity to make friends.

"While university knowledge is essential for our careers, sport has no less significance for our ultimate life success," Matytsin said.

"Sport teaches us values and qualities that are essential for everyone: how to overcome your weaknesses, how to work in a team, to respect team-mates and opponents, to play by the rules.

"Sport helps us to improve ourselves.

"And by striving for self-perfection, each of us is making the whole world better.

"In the current world, full of new entertainment technology, it is easy to forget that sport is a real joy.

"It’s a way of making new friends and having fun together.

"But even more to that, regular practice of sports and healthy living is the best way to improve your personality and to create the basis for lifelong success."

The day has been given the motto "the campus goes to the city, the city meets with the campus".

Eurosport, which is FISU TV's broadcast partner, is covering the day.

FISU's main goal of focusing its efforts on the promotion of health and well-being through sports and physical activities was achieved when more than 8,500 people took part at University Sport Festivals in 2016.