An anti-doping workshop took place during the Cadet World Championships ©WTF

Anti-doping education sessions took place during the World Taekwondo Cadet Championships in Sharm El-Sheikh in order to warn budding athletes of the dangers of performance enhancing drugs.

Teenage athletes spanning 28 countries participated in the Egyptian resort, where a special outreach booth was also set-up.

The event was billed not just as an "opportunity to celebrate the sport’s young athletes and provide them with key experience", but also a chance for World Taekwondo to ensure that "all athletes, from a young age, are fully educated and aware of the dangers of doping".

Special sessions were held by the governing body in conjunction with the Egypt National Anti-Doping Organization and the Sharm El-Sheikh 2017 Organising Committee.

The sessions were designed to "provide athletes, coaches and officials with useful information on preventative doping measures and raise awareness about anti-doping". 

It also aimed to appeal to parents of athletes and other members of the public who will play a "vital role in guiding these young athletes along the right path".

Young athletes attending the education session in the Egyptian resort ©WTF
Young athletes attending the education session in the Egyptian resort ©WTF

Question and answer sessions also took place at which the audience had the opportunity to request more information.

The booth was set up inside the venue.

This "drew a lot of attention and interest not only from athletes but also from coaches and athletes' entourages". 

Activities provided there included quiz papers to test their knowledge, with souvenirs for high scores.

A similar education programme will take place during the London 2017 World Para-Taekwondo Championships on October 19.