The Ghana Taekwondo Federation will host the International Ghana Open Championship ©GTF

National team coach Stephen Kofi believes hosting the International Ghana Open Championship will help the country's taekwondo preparations for the 2019 All African Games.

Thirty countries are expected for the tournament, beginning on August 18 at the SSNIT Emporium in Accra.

Kofi said he hoped Ghanaian players could improve their world rankings which could boost their standing before the 2019 All African Games in Equatorial Guinea.

The event will be an open competition, so Kofi intends to be on the look-out for talented Ghanaians who could excel at a higher level.

"This is a G1 tournament, which gives you some points when it comes to seeding," he said to the Ghana News Agency.

Ghana is hoping to improve its taekwondo prowess ©GTF
Ghana is hoping to improve its taekwondo prowess ©GTF

"So as a coach I am very happy we are hosting the Championship.

"If they are able to build up points for their rankings, it would be easier to select them for the All African Games because they wouldn't have to start from scratch."

The Ghana Taekwondo Federation were granted the rights to host the event by World Taekwondo earlier this year.

The country has never sent a competitor to the Olympic Games.

However, Benson Addo and Eunice Adedapo both competed at this year's World Championships in Muju in South Korea.