Parkour will be on the agenda at FIG's latest Executive Committee meeting ©FIG

Parkour is among the agenda items at the International Gymnastics Federation’s (FIG) latest Executive Committee meeting in Vestfold.

The meeting in the Norway will take place until Saturday (July 29).

The nomination of a FIG Parkour Committee is expected to take place, with the federation revealing plans to establish the body last month.

Parkour’s founder David Belle has already been confirmed as the Committee chair, with FIG announcing that Charles Perrière, President of the Mouvement International du Parkour, and other parkour experts will be included.

Two athlete representatives, one male and one female, will be part of the Committee.

It will be tasked with confirming the hiring of a full-time sports manager for parkour within the FIG.

The FIG have been at the centre of controversy regarding parkour, however, with the governing body accused of "encroachment and misappropriation" of the sport.

Parkour UK made the assertion and lodged a complaint with the International Olympic Committee last month.

Organisations in a number of other countries have also protested at FIG's involvement in the sport by writing to FIG President Morinari Watanabe.

Letters have been written by the Danish-based Street Movement, Parkour Argentina and Parkour Singapore.

Similar moves have been made by other parkour national governing bodies in France, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Austria and South Africa.

The Finnish, German, Swedish and Swiss communities have also thrown their support behind Parkour UK's campaign, spearheaded by chief executive Eugene Minogue.

FIG's move into parkour has been opposed by several groups ©Getty Images
FIG's move into parkour has been opposed by several groups ©Getty Images

FIG have responded to the allegations of "encroachment and misappropriation" of parkour, claiming this was never their intention.

A deadline of July 26 to reach a Memorandum of Understanding between all parties has now elapsed, with Minogue promising they would "take all necessary and appropriate steps to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the sport of parkour/freerunning, our sport, our community".

FIG were unsuccessful in their attempts to get parkour included on the Olympic programme for Tokyo 2020 at an IOC Executive Board meeting in Lausanne on June 9.

The FIG had hoped to see parkour named on the list, but their efforts proved unsuccessful.

The "Road Map for Parkour" - drawn-up by the FIG as part of its plans for the sport - also seeks to provide the staging of a series of Parkour World Cups in 2018 and 2019 together with a first FIG World Championships planned in 2020.

The FIG recently held its inaugural Obstacle Course World Cup in Montpellier as part of the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) in the French city.

The event was marketed as parkour on the FISE website.