BISFed have unveiled their world ranking system for the quadrennial cycle ©BISFed

The Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) have confirmed their world ranking system for the 2017 to 2020 cycle.

The system was developed by the BISFed Competition Committee, with the assistance of UK Sport’s intelligence team who provided mathematical expertise.

Following extensive simulations using data from past events, the system is poised to be introduced prior to the 2018 season getting underway.

Dom Tremblay, who chairs the Competition Committee, expressed his hope that athletes would welcome the changes.

"I'd like to thank the Committee for their hard work, and the support we have received from UK Sport has been invaluable in developing this new system," said Tremblay, who is also BISFed's operations manager.

"We look forward to implementing it in 2018 and hope that athletes will welcome receiving points for performance in games rather than at events as a whole."

Under the system, world ranking points will be awarded for the outcome of each match played at a BISFed sanctioned competition, from pool matches through to the final.

Ranking points earned will then be multiplied by the coefficient of the respective competition, to calculate the overall number of points awarded.

World Championships and Paralympic Games have a coefficient of four, with regional championships the next highest weighted events at level three.

World Opens will hold a coefficient of two, while regional opens are the lowest ranked at one.

World rankings will be calculated on a rolling basis over two years ©Getty Images
World rankings will be calculated on a rolling basis over two years ©Getty Images

The system will operate on a rolling basis over two years, offering qualification opportunities for regional and World Championships, as well as the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

For team events, world rankings will be determined from a side's four best event results over the two-year qualification period.

The ranking points total must include the higher points tally earned at either the latest world or regional championships.

A team's total must not exceed a maximum of three results from the latest world or regional opens, with a maximum of two coming from the former.

A maximum of two results from regional opens can be included should a team have participated at a World Open, extended to three if they have not.

Bonus points will be awarded for pools only competitions, which do not contain an elimination round, which will be dependent on the number of teams.

Points will be calculated by the number of wins divided by the number of matches played, should there be an unequal number of sides in each pool.

The system will be tested throughout the Autumn.