Patrick Baumann praised Paris' venues following a tour today ©Paris 2024

Paris 2024 officials have reacted confidently after being praised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission here today.

The IOC panel chaired by Patrick Baumann split into three groups to tour venues in the French capital.

This included the proposed Athletes' Village site at Saint Denis, as well as the nearby land on which an aquatics centre is due to be built.

Baumann predictably stopped short of a meaningful comparison with venues showcased last week by only rival Los Angeles.

He described them as "equally mind-blowing", despite a "different history".

Baumann singled out the Athletes' Village for particular praise.

Los Angeles 2024 last week hailed their plans to use existing student accommodation at the UCLA campus in Westwood Hills as a key strength of their bid.

Paris 2024, though, claim that developing a Village from scratch allows a more tailor-made project.

"This site is extremely well located and [close] to all competition venues," Baumann said. 

"We received all the necessary information to understand how the site will be developed. 

"We also spoke with the architect, who told us how the future housing project will be done.

"We have received all the guarantees we needed."

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo cut a confident figure following the site inspections by the IOC Evaluation Commission ©Paris 2024
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo cut a confident figure following the site inspections by the IOC Evaluation Commission ©Paris 2024

IOC Evaluation Commissions rarely give meaningful feedback immediately after visits, but Paris 2024 are nonetheless hailing the success of today's tour.

Other venues visited today included Roland Garros, the Stade de France, the National Velodrome and the Eiffel Tower venue for beach volleyball.

Unlike in Los Angeles, IOC members were greeted by fanfare, including children playing sport at multiple venues.

Media buses also benefited from a police escort on their tour to ease traffic problems.

This was also not done last week in the Californian city.

"We are at the top and are going to stay there," said Hidalgo.

When asked to expand upon these comments, she added: "There is no favourite.

"Each one tries to be the best.

"I believe in our competence, in our project and in the faith of the Olympic Games."

IOC members are due to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron tomorrow on the final day of their visit.

"This is the result of an initiative made by the Bid Committee," Baumann added.

"We are at their disposal for them to present their trump cards and assets. 

"We expect it will be another demonstration towards the guarantees we have already received."

A host city is due to be chosen at the IOC Session in Lima on September 13.