The IPSF has revealed changes for the 2017 World Pole Sports Championships which include extending the event from two to three days ©IPSF

The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) has announced a number of changes for the next World Pole Sports Championships, scheduled to take place in the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch.

More than 3,500 athletes from 35 countries are set to compete for exclusive entry into the sixth annual World Pole Sports Championships.

Three days of competition, as well as a convention, are due to take place between June 30 and July 2 in 2017.

IPSF have already confirmed a number of changes to previous editions.

Previously the competition has been across two days but next year's edition has been extended to three with athletes competing in pole sports, ultra pole, artistic pole and Para-pole categories.

The venue has also been confirmed for the event event with 's-Hertogenbosch's Marathonloop, a venue that holds 2,500 spectators, set to host the competition.

A new ultra and artistic scoring system that will be used throughout the event was the final alteration.

The International Pole Sports Federation submitted an application to gain IOC recognition last month ©IPSF/Twitter
The International Pole Sports Federation submitted an application to gain IOC recognition last month ©IPSF/Twitter

The introduction of a Para-pole category is another part of the IPSF's development plans. 

"This will be the start of a five-year development programme building a fair scoring and judging for people with different abilities," said a statement on their website.

"Opening with a single Para-pole category in 2017, the IPSF will work alongside the athletes expanding categories as they evolve."

The IPSF submitted their application to secure International Olympic Committee recognition last month.

Following membership rejection by umbrella organisation SportAccord earlier this year however, their application has been given a boost after they were officially confirmed as a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Agency Code.

The organisation is targeting having 40 Member Federations by the end of 2017 as part of their recognition attempt.

Currently, there are 22 members of the IPSF but the governing body are hopeful they can reach 30 before the conclusion of 2016.