Jennifer Poist, a wheelchair basketball player for the USA, had said she is confident about her team's form and preparation ahead of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games ©TeamUSA

America's wheelchair basketball player Jennifer Poist has claimed she is confident about her team's form and preparation for the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next month. 

Poist is set to retire after Rio 2016 and is desperate for her team-mates to improve upon the disappointment of a fourth place finish at London 2012 before she quits.

The have played two serious contenders for the gold medal and beaten them both prompting optimism within the team.

"We’ve been doing really well this summer," said Poist.

"A month ago in the Netherlands we played Germany and beat both them and the Netherlands.

"Beating The Netherlands was a big stepping stone for us, because they were more or less a mental block. 

"We’re feeling united and clicking well together.

"When our team is moving and connecting we get the best open shots and put it in the hoop more.”

Jennifer Poist is also set to retire after Rio 2016 ©TeamUSA
Jennifer Poist is also set to retire after Rio 2016 ©TeamUSA

Poist said the stress involved in the game has reached such a level that she has decided to retire as a result.

She wants to focus on her career whilst she continues to be an assistant coach at Arizona and play wheelchair basketball at club level in her spare time.

"I’ve had to spend a lot of time away from my friends and family, but hopefully by the end of the summer it will be well worth it,” said the Arizona-based Poist.

Poist studied nutritional science as an undergraduate before getting her Doctor of Pharmacy at Arizona and revealed she has always wanted to work in health care.

“My mom was a dental hygienist, and my sister had cancer, so we spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals,” Poist said.

“I had good relationships with doctors and nurses and knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

She now works as a pharmacist at KMart from 8am until 8pm.

Poist said her company allows time off for tournaments as long as she makes up the time and that she would not trade the hectic time management for anything.

"I really enjoy my work, and I’ll enjoy it the rest of my career," she said.