An IWAS course was held in São Paulo ©IWAS

The International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) held a wheelchair fencing coaching course and classification seminar in Brazil as part of efforts to promote the sport in South America.

Participants from the host nation, as well as Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala and Uruguay, met in São Paulo for both practical and theoretical sessions.

Lecturers included Valber Lazaro Nazareth and Cesar Augusto Leiria da Silva from the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (BPC), who are both wheelchair fencing masters.

Nazareth, the course leader, said: "This course was very important for the development of wheelchair fencing in Latin America.

"All countries in this region are very interested in developing the sport, however, it is necessary to train the coaches and classifiers to work correctly.

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The event was aimed at promoting wheelchair fencing in South America ©IWAS

"We had very good feedback regarding the structure of the course."

The last two days of the event were held alongside the Brazilian Cup event.

This allowed those in attendance hands-on experience in wheelchair fencing during the competition.

IWAS has partnered with PALFINGER Passenger Lifts, who are also working closely with the BPC to promote and expand wheelchair fencing in the country, an initiative supported by the fundraising initiatives of the global manufacturing company.