The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has elected Nick Mwendwa as its new President following a vote in Nairobi ©FKF

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) today elected Nick Mwendwa as its new President following a vote in Nairobi. 

Mwendwa, the long-serving chairman of Nairobi-based Kariobangi Sharks, beat his only rival Ambrose Rachier, winning 50 of the 77 votes cast.

"I had said for long that we would win this and we did it today," Mwendwa, a 37-year-old information and technology specialist, said.

"We now have a new Federation and the aim is to begin with youth football, get the national team to prepare adequately for the next game and also change the people’s attitude on the game."

Rachier, chairman of top Kenyan side Gor Mahia, described the election at the Safaricom Indoor Arena as a "clean and transparent exercise on the floor" but claimed he had reason to complain about "the bribery of delegates".

"With the level of poverty in this country, it is hard for a delegate to turn down a Ksh 150,000 (£1,000/$1,500/€1,300) bribe," he said.

"Some of my delegates asked me to let them go eat the money and come back and it seemed they never came back.

"I do not have prove, but have word that it happened.

"Now I’ll work with the new chairman."

Nick Mwendwa won 50 of the 77 votes cast
Nick Mwendwa won 50 of the 77 votes cast ©FKF/Twitter

Gor Semelang'o pulled out of the race yesterday, citing a flawed process.

Ssemi Aina and Sammy Sholei followed him after accusing the FKF Electoral Board of lacking credibility.

Incumbent Sam Nyamweya withdrew from the elections moments before voting started.

"I've made this decision [to withdraw from the elections] out of love for the game, passion and appreciation and that no good leader should be pushed to give up power," he said.

Nyamweya is one of three officials charges currently being investigated for "conspiracy to defraud".

Kenya's Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions began looking into the case in December on the recommendation of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

The case centres on how nearly $170,000 (£117,000/€151,000), set aside for Kenya's trip to Cape Verde for a 2018 World Cup qualifier in November, was actually used.

Petra Doris, part of Mwendwa’s "Team Change", was elected FKF vice-president in a re-run.

He earned 53 votes to Dan Shikanda’s one with Andrew Amukowa failing to register.