British broadcaster and sailor Hannah White has launched her attempt to break the world record over one nautical mile on water ©Captive Minds

British broadcaster and sailor Hannah White has launched “Project Speedbird”, where she will bid to become the fastest woman ever on water across a distance of one nautical mile.

The world record attempt, due to take place next year, will see 32-year-old White try to reach a speed of 40 knots in a specially-designed boat, built by project engineer Dave Chisholm.

Speedbird is currently on display at the Science Museum in London and gives people the chance to see first-hand the design and technology that has gone into the boat.

As a precursor to the world record attempt, White will aim to make the first crossing of the English Channel in a high-speed Moth boat, which the Speedbird is designed on, early this month, from Cap de Gris, France to Folkestone, England, dependent on weather conditions.

She is currently undergoing intense physical training in order to give herself the best possible chance of breaking the record, and is taking support from various athletes and sportspeople from several different disciplines.

“I knew this was an ambitious project both technologically and physically when we set out to break the women’s speed sailing record,” White said.

“I knew the key to success would be securing the support of partners, like Land Rover, who are world leaders in the innovation and expertise required to streamline Speedbird into a record-breaking machine.

“I am enormously grateful for the support of all of our partners as they will give me the competitive edge required to secure and harness the ultimate advantage over the elements to push the boundaries of this project and achieve a world record.”

Designer Dave Chisholm right says you
Designer Dave Chisholm right says you "have to do things differently" to break a world record ©Captive Minds

The six-metre boat’s design displays the very best in engineering innovation, using the latest technological advances developed by F1, the America’s Cup and Moto GP teams.

"If you want to break records, you have to do things differently,” Chisholm added.

"High-speed sailing is an ancient art however, if you have no rule books or guidelines to work from, you have to use and trust your own research, thoughts and ideas.

"Combine these with technology and you can then develop ideas into tangible forms and manufacturing components in titanium and carbon fibre.”

Following the event at the Science Museum, White and her team will exhibit Speedbird at the Extreme Sailing Series in Cardiff from June 19 to 21.

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