By Paul Osborne

Gwangju 2015 President Yoon Jang-hyun was at the City Hall to celebrate the 200 Days To Go mark before next years Universiade ©Gwangju 2015As the 200 Days To Go mark ticks by ahead of the Gwangju 2015 Summer Universiade, the city's Mayor and President of the Organising Committee Yoon Jang-hyun has highlighted his confidence that the Games will become a "new model for efficient sporting events".

Speaking at Gwangju City Hall to mark the significant milestone, Yoon highlighted the KRW11.1 billion (£6.5 million/$10 million/€8 million) cut back in the Games' budget for the 2015 fiscal year as a key principle limiting costs and building an efficient and sustainable model for the Universiade.

"It is not impossible to host a successful international sporting event without burdening the city's welfare," said Yoon.

"I am confident that Gwangju will set new standards for organizing economic sporting events."

He added: "There is still much work to be done.

"However, I am confident that Gwangju will become a new model for efficient sporting events and hope to have the youth around the world take over the city."

Gwangju has celebrated the 200 Days To Go until the start of the 2015 Summer Universiade ©Gwangju 2015Gwangju has celebrated the 200 Days To Go until the start of the 2015 Summer Universiade ©Gwangju 2015

Despite a budget cut back, preparations are in line and on time for next year's Universiade, according to Gwangju 2015, Yoon claimed.

All venues are on schedule to be completed by their March 2015 deadline as Gwangju begins to transition from planning phase to operational readiness, he promised.

Only three out of 70 venues will be newly built for the Games, keeping in line with the low-cost efficient model in place in the province, while the existing venues and facilities will be refurbished to meet the international sporting standards.

Gwangju 2015 is already laying the groundwork for a lasting legacy so the youth around the world can fully embrace true sportsmanship and give their all at next year's Games, it claims.

On-site visits have been conducted at each competition venue every two weeks in order to accommodate for any unexpected situations that might occur during the 12-days of competition from July 3 to 14, 2015.

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