By Gary Anderson

January 16 - Former Olympic champion Sally Gunnell has been unveiled as a brand ambassador for First Milk ©First MilkFormer Olympic 400 metre hurdles champion Sally Gunnell has signed up to become a brand ambassador for dairy and nutrition firm First Milk.

Gunnell, who grew up on her parents' farm in Chigwell, has signed a two-year agreement with First Milk and will provide insights on the benefits of effective nutrition and protein within a sports arena as well as in the home, according to the firm.

She will also help to develop and promote new areas of focus for the company, which claims to be the  only major dairy company in Britain which is 100 per cent owned by British farmers.

First Milk owns dairy brand Lake District Dairy Co and sport nutrition supplements provider CNP.

"Sally brings with her a passion for healthy living, she's someone that has real-world knowledge of what it takes to be successful - both as a sportsperson and as a mother," said David Young, marketing director at First Milk.

"As such, she's a great asset to First Milk and I've every confidence that we'll continue to drive NPD (new product development) with her at our side."

Gunnell, 47, won Olympic gold at Barcelona 1992 and followed that up a year later with gold at the World Championships in Stuttgart, setting a then world record of 52.74sec.

Sally Gunnell powered her way to Olympic glory at Barcelona 1992 ©Getty Images Sally Gunnell powered her way to Olympic glory at Barcelona 1992 ©Getty Images

"My years of experience, training to be one of the world's leading athletes, have shown me the value of appropriate nutrition and its importance to a healthy lifestyle, be that striving for gold or raising a family that's fit and well," said Gunnell, who also partnered Phylis Smith, Sandra Douglas and Jennifer Stoute to bronze at Barcelona 1992 in the 4x400m relay.

"Being raised on a farm myself, I've an affinity with what First Milk stands for and that's why I'm so excited about being involved, right now, as both CNP and Lake District Dairy Co. break new ground.

"First Milk is leading the way in helping to change how we think about our diet, our nutrition and what we want to have in our shopping baskets - and that's one hurdle I'm definitely up for overcoming with them."

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