By Duncan Mackay

Agitos London 2012 Stoke MandevilleMarch 24 - Stoke Mandeville Hospital is set to have its position as the birthplace of the Paralympics cemented by having a set of giant Agitos from London 2012 placed outside its entrance.

The giant symbol, the equivalent of the Olympics five rings and which, in Latin, means "I move",  would provide a striking experience for everyone visiting the Hospital, which is where the  pioneering rehabilitation work carried out y Sir Ludwig Guttmann led to the development of the Paralympics.

London 2012 is currently distributing the Agitos, red, green and blue, to sites around the world but one is set to remain in Britain.

"The majority of them are going to future Games, we'd like that one will remain in permanent situ here in Stoke Mandeville," said Ian Barham, the 2012 Legacy Manager for Buckinghamshire.

Agitos Tower Bridge London 2012Tower Bridge hosted the Agitos during the Paralympics at London last year

"It would be great to have the iconic Agitos on display at the birthplace of the Paralympic movement. Stoke Mandeville played a pivotal role in the development of disability sport and this structure will act as a lasting legacy of the London 2012 Games and a permanent reminder of the achievements of Sir Ludwig Guttmann," said David Thompon, the Cabinet member for leisure at Aylesbury Vale District Council.
Mandeville, the London 2012 Paralympic mascot, has already been given a permanent home at the National Centre for Disability Sport while there is a campaign to make Stoke Mandeville the permanent lighting centre for the Paralympic Movement.

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