By James Crook at Heron Tower in London

e0b6696f977818e16c1443854fc33570March 14 - A group of London 2012 Gamesmakers have launched their charity entitled Kit Us Out today here, which aims to provide key equipment to Paralympic athletes from developing nations.

The idea for the charity was born when Alex Mitchell and Dermot Keaney met at Kings Cross Station following a shift at the Paralympic Games and discussed their experiences, notably the lack of basic equipment possessed by athletes from developing nations.

After developing the idea further with fellow Gamesmakers Tariq Kazi and Paul Johnson, the notion was born, and was embraced by dozens of other Gamesmakers, who helped obtain and distribute equipment to athletes.

Following substantial media focus and donations, support and interest in abundance, the quartet decided that their idea could address a major issue in Paralympic sport and provide a lasting legacy from London 2012, and went about setting up Kit Us Out.

IMAG0280London 2012 Gamesmakers were out in force to show support for the Kit Us Out charity

The charity has secured high-profile backing from the likes of Labour Party leader Ed Milliband and top British Paralympic athletes such as Ellie Simmonds and 11-time Paralympic gold medallist Dame Sarah Storey.

The charity helped around 60 athletes from 16 nations that did not have a sponsor or any financial backing, by supplying basic kit from running spikes to swimming goggles.

Gamesmakers were out in force to show their backing to the charity.

"The support has been amazing, it's been really really positive" said Mitchell.

"We just want everyone to be able to compete at a level and be able to remove that barrier that shouldn't exist [lack of funding for equipment]."

Following a successful launch and support from their peers, public figures and the press alike, Kit Us Out are now focusing on the Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year, hoping to "level the playing field" for disability athletes that do not receive financial support.

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