By David Gold

2Alexi Salamone_Adam_page_16_March_March 16 - Alexi Salamone (pictured left holding flag), Adam Page (pictured right) and Brad Emmerson (pictured below, centre), are relishing the chance to compete together at the Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships, which begin next weekend in Hamar, Norway.

The American trio, who are all from Buffalo, have been put on the same line by head coach Jeff Sauer, and since being put together have led the United States to a silver at the World Sledge Hockey Challenge.

Emmerson told "Surprisingly, with all of the years we've been on the team together, this is the first coach that's ever actually tried to put together the three of us from Buffalo.

"We mould just really well together as a line, and our coach saw that in practice and decided to give it a shot in some games and it really worked out.

"Our playing styles mesh really well together.

"We just knew it was a great thing when our coach put us together.

"I'm kind of a more of a defensive-minded guy, and I just pass the puck around.

"Then, you've got Adam who's got just a cannon of a shot.

"And then Alex is a quick, shifty guy, and he can finish and he's a good playmaker, too."

Brad Emmerson_16_March_
Page added: "We never really went to him and said we wanted to play together.

"I think Jeff's just a really smart coach and just had to try it.

"He puts more of the responsibility on us.

"He's a little bit more laid back which is good because the leadership comes out on the team and the guys have to step up."

Page helped the US win bronze in the 2008 World Championship and gold the following year, as well as claiming another gold at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.

The US will face Japan, Czech Republic and Estonia in Group A of the World Championships, and so won't meet rivals Canada until the play offs, presuming they get that far.

Emmerson is wary of the Canadians and said: "Whenever we match up with Canada, it's usually in the semi-finals or the championship.

"It's one of those games that it's not too hard to get up for.

"You wake up in the morning when you're playing Canada, and it just puts a smile on your face."

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