By Duncan Mackay
British Sports Internet Writer of the Year

July 13 - A change in how Britain's winter sports prepare for the Sochi 2014 Olympics is to be proposed after the team's disappointing performance at Vancouver earlier this year when the only medal was won by Amy Williams (pictured), who struck gold in the bob skeleton.

The British Olympic Association (BOA) has backed a call from the British Athletes Commission (BAC) for more resources to be targetted at winter sports.

John Steele, the chief executive of UK Sport, admitted after the Games finished in February that the team's failure to meet its stretch target of three medals was "in some regards disappointing" and launched a review.

But, as reported yesterday on insidethegames, the BAC believe that there should be more equality among the summer and winter sports than under the current system which will see those preparing for London in 2012 receiving £309.2 million ($464.8 million) during the build-up while those who competed in Vancouver were given only £6.5 million ($9.7 million).

Andy Hunt, the BOA chief executive, revealed that they are working on a plan to overhaul the system for Sochi 2014.

He said: "We know there is much more that we can and should do in the future - both for winter and summer sport athletes.

In that regard, it was apparent to the BOA that if we wish to see future Team GB Winter Olympic success, then there needs to be a systematic change in the way our winter sport athletes are supported.  

"Working with the winter National Governing Bodies and other supporters of winter sports, namely TASS (The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) and the Scottish Institute of Sport (SIS), we are developing a blueprint that will suggest strategic, structural and cultural changes the group believes will provide the best environment for our athletes to perform to their best. 

"We recognise in this difficult financial climate that sport needs to address its own structures and processes in order to generate greater value for money out of public investment; this is exactly what the strategy aims to achieve and we are excited at how the work is progressing.

"The British Olympic Association is driven by the belief that Better Never Stops - a pursuit of excellence that is inspired by the dedication and perseverance we find in our nation’s Olympic athletes. 

"The Vancouver Athletes Report  offers insight, perspective and a series of recommendations that are critical to improving our nation’s sport system and ultimately, providing Olympic athletes with the resources and support they need to succeed at the highest level of international competition."

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